About Adi Rappoport

Adi started studying violin at the Jerusalem conservatory when she was in the 4th grade with Dimitri Shainkman.

Three years later she began playing the viola as a secondary instrument. A year later Adi transferred to the viola completely and started studying with Yoni Gartner.

Since the beginning of this year she has been studying with Michael Gaisler. Adi also plays in the quartet and in the Jerusalem Conservatory Orchestra. She played at the Jerusalem Music Center in a chamber music concert, and in an open-stage program “Keshet Tzeira.”

Adi played in a concert of soloists in Ein Kerem and in a string section concert at the Jerusalem YMCA. Last year she participated in the “Keshet Tzeira” program at Mishkenot Sha'ananim and played in the graduation concert at Heichal HaTarbut in Tel Aviv.

Adi comes from a family of musicians. Her sister, Hadar Rappaport, plays the piano and has received the Keren Sharet scholarship twice. Her cousins from three families of her parents siblings all learned to play at the Jerusalem conservatory. Adi is the 7th daughter out of ten in her family, and they all studied musical instruments at the Sadna Conservatory.

Adi Rappoport

Viola, Baroque / Early Music, Classical

Alon Shvut, Israel