Adi Schwarz

    Grant Recipient

    rakefet, misgav, Israel

    Adi was born in February 2003 and leaves in a small community named Rakefet in the Lower Galilee, Israel.

    When he was 7 he started gymnastics in the local community center and was introduced to dance and movement.

    Two years later he moved from gymnastics to dancing at Misgav Dance Group, a leading Israeli folklore and jazz dance group.

    At 7th grade he was accepted to study in the Reut School of Arts in Haifa and started to learn both classic and contemporary dance professionally. In 2018 he continues to learn and dance at the Reut High School, dancing app 25 hours per week plus 6 hours after school in the Haifa Center of Excellence.

    Adi is aiming to develop as a dancer and a choreographer. In 2018, two of his contemporary dance choreographies were presented. “Weight” in the Haifa Center of Excellence and a choreography of part of the school combined arts show.

    In 2018, at the age of 15, Adi applied and received the Creative Excellence Grants (Sharett) for both classic and contemporary dance.

    He is now working on his first ballet choreography and will take part in the opening ceremony of the Haifa Film Festival.