About Adir Oren

Adir Oren was born in 2003 in Kiryat Bialik. he has been dancing since the age of 10 and before that, he was a gymnast. Since he could remember he moved, dancing all the time, and from a backward perspective, because he did not know the world of dance, he found himself enjoying gymnastics, but all the time he lacked movement, he lacked movement, and then he saw the dancer Sergei Pulanin for the first time and understood that there he had to be.

From 2014 to 2019 Adir studied in the studio "movements" by teacher Galina Cerniac for classic ballet, in 2015 Adir started learning in Reut school by the direction of Michal Bardas Hason and From 2016-2019 she has been learning at Haifa Center of Excellence in Dance under the artistic direction of Michal Bardas Hason. There he practices on a regular basis, with teachers like Jay Allen Augen and Ilana Steyer.

Adir participated in many dance performances, danced in Kopelia, the sleeping beauty, and in the past year he was a soloist in the Nutcracker. Each performance exciting him more than the previous and this moment that he enters the stage and shows himself to more than 300 people is the moment when all the hard work pays off.

In the past year, he also received the America Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship. Adir was thrilled to discover that people enjoy and want to invest in him and in what he loves.

Adir Oren

Dancer, Ballet, Contemporary

קרית ביאליק, Israel
Grant Recipient