Visual Arts

About Ady Bar-El

Ady graduated from Shankar College of engineering and design from the department of jewelry design in 2012. During studies she discovered the unique field of the computer world and she began to master the 3d jewelry and design world. These days she work on her jewelry art as a freelance creator that create here jewels inside the computer and through it put a life to them.

“I always remember myself being constructive and creative, cut, glue and paints.
And despite my name I did not know where my life will lead me.
Only after the army when I began to create jewelry, the whole subject began to be close to my heart. When I had to make a career decision, it was only natural that my love for jewelry leads me to acquire education in this field and master of fine art of jewelry design”.

Ady Bar-El

Visual Arts

Ra'anana, Israel