About Alle Ensemble

Alle Ensemble was established in order to bind two opposing musical genres. One is Oriental music the other is Original Jazz. Growing up surrounded by Western Music within a Yemeni household I have worked to create a unified existence between these two sides of the world; The East and The West. In an attempt to break convention, and create a truly unique sound. The ensemble consists of a cello, a piano and drums; an unusual mix for this creation. I composed the music with the intention of leaving space for the fellow players to express their individual fluency and point of view. Through the process of creating this world, something new happened and brought peace to my conflict.

Eyal Yahav – Cellist, Dor Biran – Drummer, Yuval Lev-Ari – Pianist

Alle Ensemble

Cello, Piano, Drums, World/Ethnic

TEL AVIV, Israel

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