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About Amir Gelbard

Amir Gelbard was born and raised in the center of Israel. He studied visual communication in Shenkar college of engineering and design, and graduated in 2017. Amir focused his studies on illustration, while he enjoyed infusing illustration with graphic design. Amir is also fascinated by typography, which has guided his eyes to the world of design.

For the past four years Amir has been living in a “Moshav” in the center of Israel where he has been inspired by the nature surrounding him.


-The annual exhibition of Shankar’s visual communication department, Tel-aviv, 2015 – 2016.

-Children book illustration exhibition, Tel-aviv, 2016.

-LaCulture “Holiness” exhibition in collaboration with Krakow’s jewish culture festival. Krakow, 2017.


-Azrieli foundation prize for excellence, 2015.

-Nira and Moti Dayan prize for excellence, 2016

-Azrieli foundation prize for excellence, 2017.

-AICF grant recipient in the field of visual communication, 2017.

Amir Gelbard

Visual Arts
Digital Art / Multimedia, Graphic Design, Illustration, Mixed Media

Gealya, Illinois, United States