Amir Segall

    Brooklyn, NY, United States

    Amir Segall is an Israeli jazz pianist and composer based in Brooklyn, NY. After studying classical piano for few years, he discovered Oscar Peterson and Keith Jarrett, he changed his main focus to jazz.

    In 2016, Amir received a scholarship to study at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary and moved to NYC. Since then, he has been taught and surrounded by some of greatest musicians and players in the NY scene, such as Sam Yahel, Robert Sadin, Kirk Nurock, Reggie Workman, Hal Galper, Charlie Persip, Joanne Brackeen, Mary Halvorson, John Hebert, Kevin Hays, and many great others. Amir graduated of the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in May 2018. Nowadays, he performs in the city’s jazz clubs as a bandleader and as a sideman. Amir is looking forward to continue to develop his career in NY.

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    Amir Segall is a prominent Israeli jazz ambassador pianist, composer, arranger and band leader. Since he arrived to New York, he has gained recognition as a unique and exciting pianists in New York City’s jazz scene, as he has already collaborated with renowned jazz musicians such as John Hebert, Ofer Ganor, Shay Zelman, Naama Gheber and many great others.