About Amit Hason

Amit Hason lives in the town of Even Yehuda in Israel. She is currently in the professional dance track in the Unison School of Dance, directed by Moran Barak.

Hason is a 2013-2014 grantee of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation in the field of classical ballet and has performed as a soloist on its behalf at a donor event at the Israel Museum.
Hason won first place in the I.D.T.A. Modern Dance competition for two consecutive years (2009 and 2010) and received a scholarship for her achievements on behalf of the organization in South Africa. In March 2014, she took first place in a competition sponsored by La Concourse National held in Israel in the city of Ma’alot, and was selected to represent the State of Israel in a competition held in Lyon, France in May 2014 where she won second place. In April 2014 she was the solo dancer at a gala event-Mia Arbatova, at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv.

Upon receiving a full scholarship, Hason participated in an intensive summer course in July 2014 in one New York City’s most prestigious courses at the Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet. “This is a very talented girl, with an ideal track record for a great classical dancer. She has the technical capabilities and presence that will take her far in the professional dance world.” (Ido Tadmor- Director of The Israel ballet).

Amit is devoted to her intensive 20-hour weekly training routine, 6 days a week, most of which are private lessons. In addition, Hason excels in her studies at her school, Hadassim, which is supportive of her burgeoning dance career. Hason has received a certificate of appreciation for her excellence in dance from Even Yehuda’s mayor, Mr. Avi Harari.

Amit Hason

Dancer, Ballet

אבן יהודה, Israel

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