About Amit Zittoun

Amit received an AICF Theater scholarship. She is a Gymnasia Realit High School graduate.

Her sister, Hila Zittoun, was supported by the foundation as well.

2000-2009 A dancer at the Nadine Bommer’s Dance Company –” Nadine Animato” (Classic Ballet, Modern, Dance Theater)

Military Service – Badge of excellence , given by the Commander of the Unit at the end of the Commander course.

Currently a 3rd year student at the Beit Zvi school of the performing arts, under the direction of Arthur Kogan.

Scholarship winner of the America Israel Cultural foundation (Sharet foundation) in 2016.

Scholarship winner of excellence in memory of Gary Bilu at 2015 (freshman year).

Scholarship winner of excellence in memory of Gary Bilu at 2016 (junior year).

Scholarship winner of “Judith and Moses Zaeiri ” – a school’s Monologue contest .

Scholarship winner of “Ohala Levi” – a school’s singing contest.

Honorable mention – Artistic Movement contest in the name of Gennady Babitzky.

Scholarship winner of “Sano” – Musical number contest and has performed in “Max in Fairytale Land “, a Children’s Musical, and in “The Marriage of Figaro” – at The Israeli Opera directed by Itay Tiran.

Amit Zittoun

Actor, Contemporary

Tel Aviv, Israel

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