About Amitai Mann

Mann is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and an interdisciplinary creator. A master of the clarinet and bass clarinet, he is also an extremely skilled saxophone player and is well versed at playing various flutes and several kinds of European bagpipes. Mann has performed in many music festivals in Israel and around the world and has played with and recorded with many musicians and ensembles, among which are Chris Eliot, Yonatan Razel, Noga Erez, Subliminal, the Revolution Orchestra, Gute Gute, The Betty Bears and many more.
Recently Mann has been focusing on his solo career and has been prioritizing his own musical creations. The inspiration for his album “Full Moon Cinema'' was a novel that Mann authored, which tells the atypical tale of a couple of devoted cinema aficionados.

Amitai Mann

Saxophone, Composition, Clarinet, Jazz, Klezmer, World/Ethnic, Experimental

Jerusalem, Israel
Grant Recipient

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