About Anat Grigorio

Anat Grigorio Dance Projects combine contemporary dance and physical theater creating multidisciplinary art works and collaborations with artists on both national and international arenas. Anat’s work is based on constant exploration of the human body through natural sensuality that is hidden in simple mundane activities, and takes roots in constant research of human spirit, behavior, and consciousness, their limits, roles, and influences on each other.

Anat Grigorio (1974) grew up in Petach Tikva, Israel. She is a stage artist, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. A member of the Israeli Choreographers’ association. She has been creating dance works since 2003. and supported by the Israeli Ministry of Culture. Anat has been developed her skills in gymnastics, modern dance, classical ballet, steps, contemporary dance and physical theater. Trained as a dancer and a performer at the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Co., Ido Tadmor Dance Co. Also trained in the field of Physical Theater directed by Thierry Moral & Nelly Amar.

On 2008 won a prestigious scholarship for dancers & choreographers to participate in intensive workshop with Nigel Charnock, one of the founders of the renowned physical theater & dance company DV8. In 2009 received the “Wind Award”, for her work “katuk” she created together with actor Adam Read during the International Festival Pula Puff in Croatia.

Anat’s works have received both Israeli and international acclaim. Her works took place in Israeli Festivals such as Curtain up, Israel festival, Gvanim festival, Intimadance, and more. And in international arenas in Houston, Atlanta, Albuquerque – U.S.A, Russia, China. Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Uruguay.

Anat Grigorio

Dance, Film, Music, Theater
Dancer, Choreographer, Ballet, Contemporary, Improvisation, Performance, Actor

TLV, Israel

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