Andi Arnovitz

    Andi Arnovitz ( b. 1959 Kansas City, Missouri) is a multidisciplinary artist working with prints, porcelain, textiles and paper. Much of her work deals with the flashpoint where religion, gender and politics meet.

    Exhibitions and Collections: Andi has had solo shows at Yeshiva University Museum, the LA Mayer Museum of Islamic Art, The Jerusalem Artist’s House and she has participated in group shows all over the world. Her work is in the collections of The US Library of Congress, The Museum of art Ein Harod, Stanford and Yale University and other major institutions and ¬†is in many private collections.

    Andi is part of the Brooklyn Museum’s Feminist Art Base, is on the Board of ¬†Governors Bezalel Academy and the Jerusalem Season of Culture. She is the receipt of the Anolic Foundation Artist Book award, and was one of the artists-in-residence for the New Venice Hagaddah project.