About Andre Tsirlin

Was born in 1988 in Irkutsk, Russia. Graduated from the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem 2012 in the class of Prof. Gersh Geller. Andre Tsirlin is one of the leading saxophonists of Israel. A classical trained player inspired by Maestro Giora Feidman, Andre decided to open the door for the uncovered sound of saxophone in the Jewish music. 1st prize winner in the first Israeli saxophone competition, winner of the wind instrument competition in the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and the special prize for an outstanding performance in the competition named after Paul Ben-Chaim. A winner of the America-Israel Culture Foundation scholarship for outstanding musical achievements (2005-2012).

Andre participated in master classes with Arno Bornkamp, Vincent David, Peter Weniger, Federico Mondelci and Manny Beger.

Andre performed as soloist with orchestras including the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Saint Petersburg Chamber Orchestra, Italian Saxophone Orchestra, Ashdod Symphony Orchestra and more. He recorded together with Maestro Giora Feidman, and a CD of works by the Israeli composer Gilad Hochman, for the national German radio.

In March 2014 Andre performed his debut solo concert in Carnegie-Hall, New-york, USA.

Andre Tsirlin

Saxophone, Classical, World/Ethnic

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Grant Recipient

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