Visual Arts

About Anisia Affek

Anisia Affek is a Slavic artist based in Berlin. In her multidisciplinary work, she aims to question our understanding of national and self-identity. Her practice concerns issues of cultural erasure and the survival of identity in oppressive environments.

Affek’s practice is based on writing, installations, and printed matter that challenge our perception of belonging and the recognition of «we» versus «they.» Her work also has a personal aspect, as it is deeply influenced by her Ukrainian-Russian-Mongolian heritage and her growing up as an immigrant child in Israel. She works with different mediums, such as photography, film, collages, and textiles, as she provokes our ideologies and ethics about who we are and where do we belong.

Anisia Affek

Visual Arts
Fashion Design, Drawing & Painting, Installation, Printmaking

Berlin, Germany