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About Anna Ben shlomo

Anna is an Israeli-Iranian Artist. She was born in Iran before the Revolution and immigrated to Israel with her family as a child.

She is a creator, performer and storyteller, who graduated from the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem (Music Ed. Piano). She also completed a Master's degree in theater from Tel Aviv University and following that she's creating and producing Musical-Theater projects In the Fringe world.

At the beginning of her career, Anna produced Musical stories for children also with some Puppets she created herself. Her work is dealing with the questions of Identity, religion, and national Ideologies.

Anna Ben shlomo

Dance, Music, Theater, Visual Arts
Curator, Improvisation, Ethnic, Piano, Musical Theater, Classical, World/Ethnic, Director, Production, Playwright, Experimental, Contemporary, Physical theater, Performance Art, Sound

Jerusalem, Israel