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About Ariel-Nachman Kent

Born in Los Angeles, California, raised in Atlanta, Georgia – Ariel-Nachman has been artistically influenced from East to West and greatly inspired by his parents who are creative in folk art and photography; and in all of their entrepreneurial endeavors.

His first camera was a 35mm Nikon, which Ariel-Nachman's father trained him to use to the max in controlling all of the elements in imaging. He started shooting at 15 and his fascination with capturing the beauty in every moment continued, growing into a passion that opened up other possibilities of creative expression.

After transitioning from film to digital imaging, Ariel-Nachman was able to produce a portfolio that launched him into the fashion and commercial photography industry, working both on-contract for agencies and independently in his home-studio; then canvas became his new film for mixed media modern art.

Ariel-Nachman's artwork is an adventure into simplicity and complexity, symmetry and form, with an infusion of color and contrast within texture; His photography tells a story with various endings – focusing on vivid colors and angles to evoke emotion. Inspired by the paradoxes of life itself, Ariel-Nachman creates work to reconcile the seemingly opposing experiences of life, allowing the viewer to relate to the piece from a variety of different points of view.

Using a combination of different mediums: acrylic, metal, wood and found objects, his work is an exploration into the human experience and the worlds we create with our mind. Having always been intrigued with the divine nature of man, his work empowers the viewer to perceive without the filters of past visual interpretations, while creating space to make the work personal through fresh understanding.

The organic side of life inspires Ariel-Nachman when he uses wood. Using paint, he is inspired by the fluidity of life. Using metals, he is inspired by both the security and vulnerability of life. And with his camera, Ariel-Nachman is inspired by all of creation.

With all projects, he is reminded of how all materials unite to form a vehicle of visual exploration. Ariel-Nachman would like for all who view his work to join the ride.

Ariel-Nachman Kent

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Photography, Sculpture

Jerusalem, Israel