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About Ascaf Avraham

Ascaf Avraham is an artist and photographer of dance who was born in Israel in 1976.

At the age of three, he emigrated with his family to Mexico and returned to Israel at the age of 21. His split identity, a direct result of living two very different lifestyles opened him up to many journeys around the world and exposed him to countless fascinating cultures.

Ascaf graduated with MTA in Industrial Design and MTA in Photography.

In the past decade, he focuses on the dance scene in Israel and works with many choreographers and companies: Maria Kong, Sharon Eyal, Dana Ruttenberg, Roee Assaf, DanceTheater Or & Oran, Niv & Oren, Curtain Up Festival, Intima Dance Festival, Pina Bausch Dance Company and more.

Today Ascaf works as Batsheva Dance Company house photographer.

Ascaf Avraham

Visual Arts

Tel Aviv - Jaffa, Israel