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About Assa Bigger

Assa Bigger is a multi-media artist who lives and works in Manhattan. His oeuvre is vast and seemingly boundless as it juxtaposes the limits of formalism and, instead, generates an excessive density of both image and object, leaving meaning in the experience of the multiple.

Phallic (2011) consists of plaster-cast phallic multiples while Concerto of Illumination (2010) is a time-based installation that comprises televisions, monitors and flat screens of all sizes, projecting an array of videos, interviews, cartoons and graphics that captures everything and nothing at the same time. As seen in the lithograph Genesis 1 1-31 (2009), Bigger embellishes imagery drawn from the Italian Renaissance and combines reproductions of Michelangelo’s fresco seen on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with Hebraic newsprint. The artist suggests that the desire for visual images is similar to the need for information. Assa Bigger has exhibited internationally in London and Israel. His work may be viewed at the M55 Gallery.

Assa Bigger

Visual Arts

New York, New York, United States