About Assaf Gold

Assaf was born and raised in Ein-Ayala, Israel. He went to “Kerem-Maharal” elementary and ‘Ma’agan Michael’ high-school, in Hof-haCarmel.
Assaf started playing piano when he was 6 years old and hasn’t stopped playing since. He wrote his first composition when he was 12, and his first song at the age of 16.

Assaf’s music combines all the things he loves and admires in old fashioned styles.
his inspiration comes from classical music, rock, jazz, soul, and a touch of pop, all mixed according to his own personal fusion taste.

Assaf played at the opening of the annual Israeli Piano festival of 2016 & won an award in 2018 from the Washington songwriters association.

Assaf Gold

Piano, Guitar, Arranging / Orchestration, Composition, Jazz, Rock

Tel Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient