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Avi Sinvani was born in Ramat Gan, israel in 1961, to Haim and Galia Sinvani.
He started his musical career in 1985 when he began to sing in music clubs and private events.

Avi's first album “Goralo Shel Zamar” (The Fate of a Singer) was published in 1990, to immediate success. The song “Goralo Shel Zamar” remains a big hit to this day.

In 1996 Avi released his second album “Itach Uviladaich” (translated to: With You Or Without You). This album included two big hits in Israel, the first was “Itach Uviladaich” and the second, “Isha Bona Isha Horeset”, that became identified with him.

In 1998 Avi released the album “Shar Mehasratim” (Singing From The Movies), which was all covers from Israeli movies. The album was very successful and won a “platinum album” by selling over 40,000 albums.

In 2000 he released the album “Ksheat Shoteket” (When You Are Silent). In this album, the songs that stood out were “Ksheat Shoteket”, a duet with Shlomi Shabat, and “Tfila L'yeled” (A Prayer For The Child), for Which Avi wrote the melody.

In 2002 and 2004 Avi released two live show albums. From this album, the track “Cochve Marom” (Stars Above) stood out.

In 2004 Avi recorded a theme song to an Israeli feature film called “Columbian Love”.

In 2008 he released another live performance album called: “The King Of The Chaflot”.

In 2010 the album “Ad Lev Shamaim” was released.

More recently, Avi released eight singles from his new album, one of them “Leolamim” (Forever) won the 2018 best dance song of the year.

Avi Sinvani


Biet Arif, Israel

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