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About Avigail Yevgeniya Aronson

Avigail Yevgeniya was born in 1983 in Moscow, former USSR; she now lives and works in Tel Aviv.

She has earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Multidisciplinary Art department at Shenkar College, and her Bachelor of Physical Therapy from the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Avigail creates environments. connecting different organic materials such as plants, mushrooms, bacteria, raw sheep's wool, with "materials" that are the environment - such as the studio, the exhibition space, the building and the city. There is no hierarchy between the materials, everything is alive for her, and everything is equally necessary. Like vital organs in one body.

Avigail Yevgeniya Aronson

Visual Arts
Printmaking, Sculpture, Performance Art, Mixed Media, Ceramics & Glass, Installation

Tel Aviv, Israel

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