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About Avinoam Sternheim

Avinoam Sternheim (b. 1983) is a sculptor and musician. Working in Tel-aviv, Israel.

Avinoam graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design's MFA program, after completing a bachelor’s degree at the Avni art institute.

Sternheim’s work revolves around the question of how fantasy creates reality, and how reality breaks back into someone else’s fantasy. Found objects are used as context for the works, when placed in an everyday life, concrete and specific surrounding.

Selected Exhibitions:

2018 (Solo) – The NewGallery- Teddy stadium, Pina. Curator: Tamar Gispan

2016 – Petach Tikva Museum- Fictional Art. Curator: Doreet Lavite Harten

2016 – Circle 1 , Berlin, Germany- ‘Nord Art’,

2014 – Herzelia Museum, ‘Rising stars’

Avinoam Sternheim

Visual Arts

Tel aviv, Israel