Avital Azogui Kalfa

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    Karmiel, Israel

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    Avital Kalfa is an award winning soprano opera singer in the past, and current indie musician. She was born in 1987 in the northern Israel, currently lives in Eli, Israel.
    A religious woman, and mother of four.

    Avital has stepped out of the classical world into the indie pop industry, in order to accomplish her creative personal expression as a colorful singer, writer and composer.

    Her songs are stand out for their original melodies, sharp text, and her ability to combine opera pop and spoken word at once.

    ‘Believe it’ (Haamini) , the debut album produced by Eldad Zitrin, is due to be release in the summer of 2020, signed with ‘unicell’s digital distribution.

    The album contains 11 songs, mostly in Hebrew, and some English and French.

    Three singles already came out during 2019-2020.

    ‘Sham’ on October 2019

    ‘Agenda’ December 2019

    ‘Haamini’ February 2020

    Avital’s inspiring work with the fine production of Eldad seem to promise a revolutionary album and artist.

    The album genuinely deals with spiritual and personal social issues, and gives more than a glimpse into her multi-faceted world.


    At 2017 Graduated ‘Mizmor’ college of music.

    At 2006-2009 took classical voice study at the Jerusalem Academy of music with the great teacher Agnes Mussini.

    Her musical study began at age 8, at the Karmiel Conservatory, majoring vocal and piano lessons for ten years.

    Avital was twice awarded with the America- Israel foundation scholarship at 2005 and 2008.