About Ayala Morris sharfman

Ayala Morris was born in 2007 in Jerusalem.
She started playing the clarinet at the age of 10 and studies at the Conservatory and High School of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Ido azard's class.
Ayala was accepted into the pilot program for the outstanding musicians by the Ministry of Education and the National Youth Orchestra. Participated in master classes with Florent Heau, Tibi Cziger, Gilad Harel and Jonathan Hadas.
She performed at the convention of the Ministry of Education, at the Academy High School's winter and summer festivals, at the Israel Museum, the YMCA hall, the Jerusalem Theater and more.
Ayala plays in the symphony orchestra and the wind orchestra of the Conservatory and High School Jerusalem Academy.

Ayala Morris sharfman

Clarinet, Classical

Jerusalem, Israel