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    Baruch Inbar is an accomplished, award-winning visionary artist, illustrator, writer, designer and a published children’s books author from Northern California. Baruch’s visionary re-interpretation of the classic children’s novel, The Wind In The Willows – attracted Disney’s attention, beginning his creative partnership with the company. Baruch’s re-envisioned characters, dramatic landscapes and innovative treatment of the classic story were the genesis of the computer-generated feature film now set up at FOX 2000 with a $150 million budget.

    For the past years and most currently, Baruch has been busy creating his own media properties, and consulting to other companies including Fortune500 companies such as: Sony, Disney, Coca Cola, and individual entrepreneurs, where he had been involved in the development of numerous entertainment and media projects: animation, film, apps, toys games and theme parks.

    He published two children books (both authored and illustrated): Snurtle and Tree Star, and contributed the artwork for the graphic novel Balaclava Junction.

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