Bat El Elfasi

    Grant Recipient

    Beer Sheva, Israel

    Bet El Elfasi was born in Migdal Haemek. She’s studying at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem focusing on sculpture.

    Most of her work focuses on installations, the perception of space and its use as part of the presentation of the sculpture. Her main works are large Represents that relate to space while space itself is an inseparable part of the work.

    Most of my works provide the spectator with experience as the work interacts with space raises their curiosity and gives them the possibility of movement within the space. This  makes them feel that they are part of the work as they move through space and feel the atmosphere around the work.

    Most of her sculptures are minimal sculptures. Most of the time she uses geometric shapes and maintains as far as possible a cold and clean space.

    Most of her focus is on materials and her curiosity towards them. She chose materials that change their physical shape as part of the space, for example, lighting, ice, glass, mirrors. Also in relation to time, each time the spectator sees the work it seems different.

    Exhibitions and Artistic projects

    2013-2014: Video Art Exhibition (Train station complex, Jerusalem)

    2014, April: Exhibition ( Coresh Gallery, Jerusalem)

    2015, January: Artistic installation, (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)

    2015, June: End of year Exhibition. (Bezalel Academy)

    2015, July: Exhibition in cooperation with “Youth in Danger”, (Spot Art Gallery, Jerusalem.)

    2015, August: Exhibition (Tivon Gallery, Kiryat Tivon.

    2016 March: group exhibition Paris Montmartre.

    2016: June: École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts.

    2017 July: Final exhibition at the Department of Art, Bezalel.

    2017 August: Bezalel Fair.

    2017 August: Group Exhibition at the Benjamin Gallery, Tel Aviv.

    2017: October: Final Exhibition Part of the collection of collectors, Lily Elstein, at the Center for the Arts Center, Zichron Yaacov.

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