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About Ben Rotman

Ben Rotman was born in Israel and studied at the Wizo-France School in Tel Aviv and in Zurich, Switzerland.

Ben spent much of his childhood at a boarding school in Pardes Hanna, and as a teenager was educated on the Givat HaShlosha kibbutz. There, on the kibbutz, Ben discovered a love for horses and sensed in them a kindred spirit, which helped to soothe his own troubled soul. In the kibbutz, he also discovered a great love of music. These graceful times from Ben’s childhood and youth have affected most of his paintings.

Ben’s adult life has continued in Tel Aviv, where he lives and works for the last few decades. In Tel Aviv, the big urban landscape, Ben has discovered many new aspects of life – the vibrant people, the endless variety and the dynamic rythm of the big city.

All these stations in Ben’s life have affected his paintings. He has created a very special style of painting in the way in which he combines and blurs the boundaries between abstraction and figurative and creates his own unique style which is an interaction between the two.

Ben has exhibited his works in many places all over the world such as Barcelona (2006), Florence (2007), New York (2007), Vienna (2008), Frankfurt (2010), Tel Aviv and more. He won a Special Prize for Second place in the world in painting, for the UN Human Rights group.

Ben volunteers in teaching painting to autistic children.


Artexpo: Bari, Italy. 20.12.2002 – 18.01.2003

Artcommuniction: Vatencia, Spain. 2003

Omma International Art Festival “Chania 2003:” Chanina, Greece. 15.03.2003 – 30.03.2003

Art Domain: Palma, Spain. 05.04.2003 – 30.04.2003

Omma: Chanina, Greece. July 2003

Grupo Batik Art: Barcelona, Spain. 07.07.2003 – 31.07.2003

Agora Gallery: N.Y, U.S.A. September, 2003

Biennale – Florence: Florence, Italy. 06.12.2003 – 14.12.2003

Art Hotel – Vienna. Vienna, Austria. 01.08.03 – 31.10.03

Kunstlerbund Galerie – Graz: Graz, Austria. 05.05.2004 – 30.05.2004

Gallery Dorint Hotel – Seefeld: Seefeld, Austria. 27.01.2005 – 15.03.2005

Kibutz Gan Shmuel: Pardess Chana, Israel, Kibutz Gan Shmuel Gallery. 27.01.2007 – 10.02.2007

Artartelier24 BbkFrankfurt, initiated by the Frankfurt Municipality and displayed in their gallery, Frankfurt, Germany. 04.09.2008 – 28.09.2008

Gallery Amalia Arbel Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv, Israel. 08.08.2009 – 28.08.2009

College of Business Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv, Israel. 15.09.2009 – 15.10.2009

Chateaux – Mizpe Hayamim: Zafet, Israel. 31-03-2010 – 28.02.2010

65 Rothschild Gallery: Tel Aviv. 03-05-2012 – 17-05-2012

Niron Gallery: Tel Aviv. 17-05-2012 – 30-05-2012

Ben Rotman

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Illustration

Tel Aviv, Israel