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Dr. Beth Erez was born and raised in Brooklyn, immigrating to Israel in 1977. She began sculpting in 2001 when she joined The Israeli Sculptors Studio under the guidance of Harry Baron, of which she is still a member today.​

Beth works in a variety of media – clay, wax and shredded paper often casting in bronze or using a combination of bronze, other metals, glass and wood. Of special interest are those sculptures in her menagerie, all with a twist of surprise in what is beginning to be known as eco-art – real or imaginary animals and other creatures consisting of found burnt logs and cast bronze or other materials as wings, feet, noses, tails, and so on. Recently, Beth has focused on a series of standing and wall sculptures made of found and ready-made objects upcycled from around her home or her street. These artworks represent change – change in form, change over time, change in technology.

Some of Beth’s past sculptures express movement – a woman running, a man dancing, a high jumper or a circus acrobat. Others express her feminine, maternal and family side. Beth’s sculptures can be found in private and public collections worldwide.

Beth is a fulltime sculptor. In the past, in addition to sculpting, Beth has held senior executive positions in the United States and Israel, specializing in high-tech strategy, business development and marketing and continues to act as a freelance consultant in this field, particularly for the broadcast and satellite industries. Beth received both a Masters of Science and Doctorate degree in Information Sciences from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA and a Bachelor of Arts in Language and Linguistics from Stony Brook University, NY. Beth sits on the Board of Directors of the City of Herzliya Art Gallery and is the Chairman-elect of The Association of Herzliya Artists as well as the nationwide Professional Visual Arts Association.

Beth Erez

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