About Between Heaven and Earth

Dancers, thinkers that dream and act, musicians, sculptors, poets, producers, rabbis, designers and other people who together create a new narrative in the world of Israeli discourse. This new narrative challenges accepted boundaries between the different sectors of Israeli society, and constitutes a new opportunity for a cultural encounter between the different parts of Israeli society.

The group engages in contemporary culture, with a focus on dance, visual arts, and music, in order to foster connections between different worlds: The ancient and the modern, the holy and the mundane, the flesh and the spirit. In doing so, the group members add a new voice to Jewish renewal in the context of Jerusalem, a unique and multi-cultural city that mixes different worlds and forges new bonds between them.

The group members dance on the shoulders of giants and enjoy a cultural richness that stems back to antiquity, transforming ancient pearls into platforms for contemporary culture. The audience is invited to an encounter between different sectors, that challenges existing boundaries. The audience members are invited to be partners in forging new connections, creating a new Israeli reality.

Between Heaven and Earth

Dancer, Performance, Contemporary, Improvisation

Jerusalem, Israel

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