About Boaz Armoni

Boaz Armoni was born, lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel. Graduated with honors of the “Midrash” School of Art at Beit Berl College. Boaz is a film director. Directed full-length films, representations, commercials for museums and visitor centers, and commercials for television and other media.

The 2008 short film “Desert Trains” directed by Boaz was screened at dozens of festivals around the world and won several international awards. In 2011 he directed the historical drama Acre Prison Break and in 2014 the historic drama Love Letters from the War. In 2015, he directed his first Feature film “Freak Out” a horror-comedy whose premiere took place at the Sitges genre film festival and was screened in dozens of festivals around the world. The film was sold for distribution in over thirty countries on five different continents. In 2019, he directed his second Feature film, “The electrifiers”. A local musical comedy that succeeded at the box office in Israel.

Desert train won international awards in: St. Petersburg Beginning Film Festival, Russia, winner; Moondance International Film Festival, Canada, winner of Atlantis Award for Best Short International Film; Nashville Film Festival, USA, winner of Best Film Award; Next Frame: International Student Film, USA, wins first place in the feature film competition. Winner of Snunit foundation for desert trains script 2007. Winer of the America Israel excellence award for film and television 2006. Graduate of Berlinale talents 2017. Winner of the NAFF Award in the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival for Fingernail script 2019.

Boaz Armoni


Tel Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient