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About Bosmat Eisenfeld Niron

Niron's work carries with use’s archetypes and collective memory and knowledge that rest upon the values of morality and beauty. Her works of art are entirely confident in the power of nature itself, creating an outstanding sensation of passion for life, reaching infinity. This is a new platform of view, that the Art carries Spiritual values and changes our view.

It is her hope that her work of art will set in motion the rectification she wants to take place, which is to be based on positive thought, optimism, and infinite hope. Trying through her art to present her philosophical point of view and raise awareness in society of the importance of rational use of natural resources, human harm to water, air, and land, and human harm to the environment. As a result of consumption. Ecological art strives to promote change in human consciousness in order to strengthen the interrelationships between art, culture, and sustainability. Ethics seeks to contain knowledge, as Kant presents an a priori connection to the values of beauty and esthetics, hence to nature and ethics. “The beautiful is the symbol of the morals of good”.

Niron’s Feminine art is part of the Brooklyn Museum., The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem chose Bosmat Niron's Infinity as a fitting gift to sponsors of its True Heroes Tribute Gala in Toronto, Canada with the presence of Mr. Sarkozy at the year 2014. In 2017 Bosmat Made a special 2m aluminum cast of the Infinity, for Monument for the Holocaust in Dimona with the collaboration of the Minister of Culture.

Niron's sculptures are placed in Israel and around the world, and her works are displayed and sold at auction. Niron manages and produces international cultural projects, and the establishment of museum sites, in collaboration with the private and public sectors. Niron pours into its sculptures the environmental and technological aspects and creates a developer of applications, and an educational and enriching educational environment, leading to a fascinating symbiosis between science, art, and space. The exhibition "Flower Forever", which was a main skeleton at the Eco-Arava Festival, led and promoted the enactment of the Bags Law, the publication of a presentation by artist Bosmat Niron on the Ministry of the Environment website in 2010. (p. 49) Eisenfeld Niron's activities are accompanied by activist work and the empowerment of partners. Basmat was invited to be the curator of art at the first international exhibition of ecological art in Doha, Qatar.

Bosmat Eisenfeld Niron

Visual Arts
Curating, Drawing & Painting, Installation, Design & Technology, Sculpture, Multimedia

Tel Aviv, Israel

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