About Bracha Klein

Bracha Klein was born in Jerusalem and trained at the Jerusalem Ballet school. She moved to Chicago after high school to study dance. She received a degree of Art/Dance with high honors, and after graduating she was selected by her college to join an American grant to tour across China as a dancer.

Bracha was involved in the artist community from 2015-2018 in Chicago were she presented her work in galleries and other venues. She collaborated with dance choreographers and artists of different mediums. She returned to Israel on March 2018. Since then she got involved again with the Jerusalem Ballet and is a part of the company.

Bracha completed her studies in 2021 at the Academy for Dance and Music of Jerusalem.

Currently, she is a freelance dancer and choreographer based in Jerusalem, performing her solo work across the country and internationally.

Bracha Klein

Choreographer, Dancer

Jerusalem, Israel