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About Brit Sagui Bizawe

Brit Sagi Bizawe graduated from HaMidrasha Faculty of Arts at Beit-Berl college.

She works in a wide variety of media, including painting, installation, sound, sculpture and performance.
Brit is intrigued by different human behaviors and observes social and interpersonal situations as inspiration for her works. In her art, she takes the viewers out of their comfort zone by blurring familiar boundaries in various social fields. Brit breaks the passivity of the viewers by incorporating them as an additional element in a work. That is obtained by inviting the viewer to interact with a work, or creating works that require the participation of the viewer in an active state.

Often through her works she presents the effects of different cultural and gender norms, and responds to current social issues.

2022: Certificate of excellence in the arts from Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts, Beit Berl college.
2022: Group pop-up exhibition at Studio Soma, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Brit Sagui Bizawe

Music, Visual Arts
Experimental, Mixed Media, Performance Art, Drawing & Painting, Sound, Installation, Digital Art / Multimedia, Sculpture, Multimedia

ראשון לציון, Israel

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