Visual Arts

About Carolina Sanchez Levi

Carolina was born in Colombia, and made Alyah in 1989.

She lived in Kibbutz Ramat Yohannan for ten years, then moved to Haifa, where she owned a restaurant for three years. She participated in workshops for ceramics and sculpture and studied carpentry at Beit Sefer Amal. She opened her own woodworking shop and worked in it for five years.

She moved to Moshav Tzofar in the Arava to open the Restaurant Cafe Bar Moa, and took workshops in painting at the Mahnaz Arava. Eight years later, she moved to Eilat and worked as the chef of Cafe Shivolim. After her retirement, she continues to attend private painting workshops and participates in different exhibitions at the Eilat Gallery.

Carolina Sanchez Levi

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Sculpture, New Media

Eilat, Israel