Celine Avrahami

    • Visual Arts
    • Dance

    Eilat, Israel

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    Celine Avrahami is an interdisciplinary artist currently living in Israel whose practice includes dance, photography and video art.  Her work mainly deals with the transformation of simple daily encounters into spirituality, bringing a new meaning to the mundane & ordinary. She uses her journeys over the globe as material for creation. Thus the world becomes her lab, her inspiration for prolific creation. She often adds text and vocal work to her videos and dance,  allowing the authenticity of her inner expression to be reflected in her creation. 

    Her work has been presented internationally in various art platforms such as Vila Nova de Cerveira Biennial (Portugal, 2009 & 2015), Linz Biennial (2010), Primitive Sense Art Festival Japan (2020) and has included collaborations with international artists such as Beibei Wang, Megumi Miyata, Benji Vaughan and Yair Dalal.