About Center Stage Israel

Center Stage is a professional theater company in Israel founded by Daniella and Grant Crankshaw. The theater in Ra'anana opened just 90 days before Covid and after 14 months of lock-downs and a short war, was forced to close and vacate the premises due to financial reasons.

The success we enjoyed at Center Stage is proof that there is a substantial demand for quality theater productions in English in Israel. Our audiences were multicultural and our events in many different languages from Russian to Arabic. We were honored to work with so many amazingly talented Israeli artists and we look forward to employing them all again when we find a new home.

Center Stage Israel

Actor, Lighting, Set Designer, Costume design, Playwright, Director, Production, Stage Management, Sound Designer, Musical theater, Standup comedy, Contemporary, Experimental, Sketch comedy, Physical theater, Classical

Moshav Gan Haim, Israel