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About hana Sonya Pekarevitch

Chana studied at “Beit Yaacov” school and seminary. Got a certification in Visual Communication and Photography from Ministry of Trade and Industry. After graduation worked for five years in a special education institution in kindergarten, afternoon programs, children study groups and festivals.

Holds B.F. A degree from ” Oman Bezalel” – a religious branch of Bezalel Academy of Arts (2021). The lecturers who had mostly contributed to her personal development in arts were Sagit Mezamer, Yael Frank, Halil Balbin, Yefat Bezalel and Tchelet Ram.

Was driven to plastic arts, music and literature from early age. Passion to learn art and to create brought her to study at Bezalel Academy of Arts. This was a realization of her dreams: a place and a framework which understands the artists and an entrance to a wonderful and infinite world which lives and breathes art while creating it.

While studying at Bezalel was awarded two prizes of excellence. Recently has received a scholarship – an award to excelling students in plastic arts from America Israel Foundation (2021). Has participated in a group exhibition at a restaurant ” Bab El Yemen ” in Rechavia in 2021 (curator Hagar Ohr), in a group drawing exhibition at “Oman Bezalel” (curator Taliya Israeli) and in a personal exhibition as a final project.

At present participates in a program of artist’s incubator workshops in Talpiot, Jerusalem and is due to exhibit with other students in a group exhibition in December 2021.

Strives to continue to create and to be active in Israeli artistic scene, has a lot of motivation and desire to work and to be connected, to make acquittance with fine arts and to exhibit at museums and exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

hana Sonya Pekarevitch

Music, Visual Arts

Jerusalem, Israel