Chen Winkler

    Chen Winkler is an Israeli Artist, Photographer, and Sculptor who has designed and created a wide variety of artistic and commeraratory sculptures. He has done work for the IDF, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, families seeking to dedicate statues to fallen loved ones, and municipal landscape sculptures.

    Born in Netanya in 1969 to a family eight generations in Israel, Chen feels an inextricable connection with the land of Israel and finds inspiration in its unique geology from which he quarries stone for most of his projects. Despite the inherent earthiness of the material he works with, Chen succeeds in giving his creations a dynamic mystical element that imbibes the beholder with a sense of awe and sacredness. This skill, unique to Hebrew Sculptors, was inherited by Chen from his Grandfather Baruch Winkler, of blessed memory, who was one of the stonemasons that participated in carving the “Roaring Lion” statue in Tel Chai. Through his characteristic spirit of optimism and hope, Chen continually infuses his artwork with a unique passion for his people and land.

    Noteworthy Exhibits
    Munich – “Yachta” – 2015
    India-Israel Shakhti Exhibit – 2014
    Nachum Gutman Museum, Tel Aviv “Small Steps” Exhibit – 2015