About Claire Tair Harel Ofek

Claire Ta’ir Harel Ofek is an accomplished singer and performer, Claire is the creative powerhouse behind many successful productions. Usually sourcing the high-quality content and materials as well as adapting them to the American or Israeli audiences.

She is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Arts Academy (AMDA) in New York and has already been showcased in shows across the city.

Her debut off-Broadway musical production, “iDiva”, which was a song night performance encompassing 9 singers and a crew of 5 musicians, honoring the greatest Israeli female singers and songwriters which was held at the renowned “Green Room 42 in New York” was sold out and led the way to even more successful productions and shows.

Claire has also played a key role as the music director of “The Israeli Artists Project”, a non-profit organization promoting and presenting Israeli theater, music, and art in New York City.

On top of these, Claire is also a certified stylist, trained at Shenkar School of Design which gives a sense of upscale, luxurious effect to everything she does.

Today Claire spends her time writing and translating songs, bridging the gap between Israeli culture and English speaking audiences.

Claire Tair Harel Ofek

Music, Theater

New York, New York, United States