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About Dafna Mandel

Dafna's art is based on the "Freeform Weaving" approach, which encourages self-expression, free of restrictive rules of 'right or wrong' .

She uses her weaving and tapestry skills to expand her bounds, challenging herself and trying to be a “storyteller” with her hands and her imagination.

Dafna is inspired by the breathtaking views of nature that surround her and change every moment, according to the weather and sunlight, assimilated into her and re-created in her work.

In order to minimize environmental damage, she tries to use recycled fabrics and to keep her art as “zero waste” process as she can, so the leftovers from one project may be found in the next one.

Dafna Mandel

Visual Arts

Yesod HaMa'ala, Israel

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