Dani Tenenbaum

    My name is Dani Tenenbaum and I am an Israeli filmmaker and photographer, currently living in New York.

    I have always been passionate about story telling: I was always holding a camera or a pen, looking to show the world the random, interesting moments that speak universally.

    In my early 20’s I took a writing class with a famous  author and found that from all of the story telling methods, I was most attracted to film making. This inspired me to start my studies at “Minshar For Art”, in Tel Aviv.

    During my studies I formed a small company to combine my two passions: film making and working with kids. I built a business whose purpose was to work with kids and guide them through different life situations using the tools that film making and story telling has given me.  I would work with groups with relatively no performing or film experience and give them the basics of acting.  Then we would write a story based on their experience and issues turn that into movie – They would play themselves and be the heroes in their own productions.

    My graduation film at “Minshar” dealt also with teenagers and the lack of parental authority that exists within the youth movement. Kids often walk the line between good and bad and I explored this through the lens of my own experiences growing up in the movement.

    The film has had some exciting successes and I was lucky enough to be accepted into the Jerusalem Film Festival, New York Hell’s Kitchen Film Festival and The San Francisco Shorts, all in 2011, and to the Tel Aviv International Students Film Festival in 2012. I have also participated in “Doc-Aviv” piching contest in 2010 with my movie “Moving”, and won a cinematography award in NY “48 HFP” 2011.

    These days I live and work in NY, opened my own production company called “WIWU PRODUCTIONS”, writing my next projects, and living the dream!

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