About Daniel Kashker

Daniel is an adopted child, born in 2007 in the Far East of Russia, arrived in Israel in 2010. So he barely spoke, crawled more than he walked, went through a difficult path to make up for the gap in development and succeeded, with music helping to overcome the difficulties.
Daniel started learning the violin at the age of 7 at the New Music Center Conservatory in Ramat Gan, Israel.
He first saw the violin in a trial lesson in 2015 - he took the violin and started playing a beautiful melody. Daniel surprised everyone by quickly memorizing the most difficult notes. The management joined him in the youth trio where the musicians were older and more experienced than him, but Daniel managed to be worthy of them and became an integral part of this trio

They have performed to great success on prestigious stages and at prestigious events.
Daniel won a silver medal at the international Golden Keys competition in 2018; in 2019, he won a scholarship from the Buchman-Heiman Foundation as a soloist.

Since 2021, Daniel Kashker has studied violin at the Tel Aviv Conservatory under Eckhart Lorentzen.
Daniel is proud to be a true Israeli, sure that for him there is no better country than Israel.
He dreams of studying at the Telma Yellin National High School for the Arts.

Daniel Kashker

Violin, Classical

Ramat Gan, Israel