Danielle Mano-Bella

    Tel Aviv, Israel

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    Daniel Mano-Bella, born in 1993, is an Israeli multidisciplinary artist.
    Graduated from the multidisciplinary department of Shenkar Art College.

    Her photo collages are assembled from photography archives of people and places she has filmed over the years. She emphasizes the process of cutting found materials, followed by carful assembly into a new image.

    The intention of the process of disassembling and reassembling the images is meant to mimic the fragmented process of our own memory, as well as the sub-conscious mind and how it obscures reality.

    Her works reveals the duality of mind and body as a framework restrained by limits which demand to break out, but still must exist within the limitations and settings of space and time.

    Using digital materials to create collages relates to our view of life in the future, which is already part of our lives today. Danielle’s works engage with the concept of being “Digital Arbitrary”, options of availability and the ability to play with real materials to produce new ideas.

    Group Exhibitions

    – May 2020, “Inspiration Under the Sign of ‘Change’”
    Initiator of the Exhibition Tali Dvir Livnat. Curator: Ilana Selzenev

    – June 2020, “Out of Box 2”

    – Artiq- Art Israeli proud of cooperation with the municipality of A Jaffa,
    Curator: Yael Rosen , gallery street of the alleys of Jaffa old.

    – August 2020, “Best of 2020 Art and Design graduates” Cross academic exhibition, Israel

    – Portfolio Magazine in cooperation with Jaffa municipality.
    Curators: Hagit Peleg Rotem and Yuval Saar, Alleys of Jaffa Street Gallery, old city of Jaffa, Israel.

    – September 2020 – Shenkar School of Art final Exhibition:
    “Shenkar – Department of multidisciplinary Art”
    Curators: Professor Gal Weinstein, Dr. Hanna Freund-Shertok, Gilad Ophir .