About Die Drei Kantoren

Die Drei Kantoren are Tal Koch (tenor), Hemi Levison (baritone) and Assaf Levitin (bass).
The ensemble was founded with three Israel originated members of the Cantorial School of the Abraham Geiger College at the University of Potsdam, Germany. They gave their debut in front of 1500 spectators at the yearly reception of the Israeli Embassy in Berlin in May, 2013. The enthusiastic reactions rapidly brought further invitations to sing in many public events, such as the opening of the Faculty of Jewish Theology at the University of Potsdam; the official ceremony commemorating Rwandan Genocide 20th Anniversary in Berlin; a concert at the Klezmer Festival in Fürth, Germany, and many others. From the year 2014, Die Drei Kantoren have been performing all over Germany in Jewish Communities, as part of the Cultural Program of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. Their 3rd CD, „Believe It Or Not“, was released in November 2021.

Assaf Levitin and Amnon Seelig arrange most of Die Drei Kantoren's repertoire, which covers both classical Chazzanut and Israeli folk music, as well as Sepharadic and Ashkenazi compositions of Jewish poetry from the Middle Ages (Piyutim) and Yiddish songs.

A considerable part of the program is performed a-capella, whereas the rest is accompanied by the Israeli pianist Naaman Wagner. Being professional concert and opera singers, each one of The Three Cantors also performs solo pieces out of a broad repertoire of Chazzanut, music by Jewish composers, and Yiddish songs.

Die Drei Kantoren

Piano, Voice, Composition

Berlin, Germany

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