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    Dirty Laundry is a New York City-based non-for-profit theatre production company, founded by Israeli-American artists, fiscally sponsored by AICF.  The group is seeking to bridge the gap between various NYC cultures by shedding a new light on personal narratives not typically represented in popular culture.

    At Dirty Laundry Theatre we tell stories that journey beyond culture, beyond religion and beyond the clichéd. We deal with personal stories from a variety of cultures, focusing on angles which contradict stigmas and stereotypes.

    We’re very much into “Show, don’t tell” and we start with Israel! We want to explore new sides of the Israeli story- less politics or conflicts, more true life experiences.

    We strongly believe in the power of personally experienced theatre, and that experiencing the stories we choose to stage, stories people can actually connect with from the inside-out, can change people’s lives and hearts. After all, no matter who we are and where we come from, we all have our own dirty laundry 😉

    We’ve already started!

    Summer 2019 provided us strong validation: while premiering ‘Borders- a virtual encounter between an Israeli and Lebanese on Grindr’ at the NY Theatre festival, not only we received ‘Best play’ nomination, and audience feedback of “I can’t decide who’s the bad guy, who’s the good guy” (which surprisingly also represents the very same journey of the actors during this production’s development) but critics praised this play as “Pure magic of real people” “vital play outside of our immediate comfort zone”, “Must see” and a crucial reminder that “nothing’s set in stone. We can never stop fighting for a change”

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