Dmitry Sokolov

Visual Arts

Dmitry Sokolov

Dmitry is an interactive artist, programmer, and creative with outstanding technical knowledge. From his early days, Dmitry’s always been captivated by programming.

With a couple of colleagues, Dmitry established Varenye Organism studio in 2008. This artistic boundary-breaking practice started with a wearable clothing constructor made of geometric shapes that users could attach to their bodies. Dmitry and his team then took it to the next level by reshaping urban spaces and public squares, with the revision of the Mary-go-round concept to change the environment character around us.

Dmitry’s works were showcased in exhibitions like “Volley Gym Thrashing” at the Erarta Museum and “Here Will Be the City” at the Zdes na Taganke Gallery. Along with exhibitions Dmitry took part in several light festivals in Arizona, Lodz, Jerusalem’s Geek Picnic, and others.

In 2022, Dmitry moved to Israel, where he continued producing art objects like PoeticPath where poetry is born, based on user’s movement in the city.