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About Dor Confino

Dor Confino creates captivating paintings of large dimensions using acrylic paint and materials from the world of building construction. Observing her work, the viewer is drawn into a boundless and instinctive whirlwind of shade and texture.

Abstract in style, Confino’s work has an organic sensuality, one which instinctively expresses the intense process that she herself experienced. Secretly struggling with the immense difficulty she experienced in fulfilling her longing to become a mother, long years of painful fertility treatment took a heavy emotional and physical toll.

“Each pregnancy that didn’t come to fruition, each miscarriage that I went through was repressed deep inside, and without stopping to sense what I was feeling, I automatically continued to the next fertility treatment, like a driven she-wolf. I spoke with no one about what I was going through, not with my husband nor anyone else, not even with myself”. The mark of these painful years remained buried deep inside waiting for the opportunity to erupt.

Unplanned, she began releasing the repressed energy, restrained for so long. Using her previously pain-ridden, tired and swollen body to express the emotions she had not been able to face in the past – literally using her body as a creative tool. Like giving birth, Confino’s creative process is hard, exhausting, sweaty and dirty. Her paintings express the physical and spiritual processes of the body. With instinctive feminine energy, she brings new life to the canvas, just like the new life she has brought to the world – the ultimate creation indeed.

Dor Confino

Visual Arts
Architecture, Drawing & Painting

Cesaria, Israel

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