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Born in 1992. Graduate of the music major in Wizo High school in Haifa. Was awarded a scholarship in composition from the AICF in the years 2007-2009 with distinction. Studied composition with Prof. Yinam Leef and Prof. Yitzhak Sadai.

His compositions have been performed by the Netanya-Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra, the New Haifa Symphony Orchestra, Tremolo Ensemble, the Ramat Gan Chamber Orchestra, and the various orchestras of the Reut Junior High School of the Arts. In 2011, by a commission of the Marc Lavry Heritage Foundation, he reconstructed the lost score of Lavry’s Woodwind Quintet using a recording made in 1957.

He occasionally plays as a freelance percussionist in various orchestras and projects including the Tel Aviv Soloists, “Gorodish” in the Cameri Theatre and the Galilee Chamber Orchestra. Graduate of the Israel Youth Philharmonic Orchestra in timpani and percussion. Studied percussion with David Zien and piano with Tamar Gur and Miriam Gorbonos. Currently studies Orchestral Conducting at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Dor Fischer


Haifa, Israel
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