About Dor Yadlin

Dor Yadlin is a French Horn player born in Israel in 1997.

Dor began his music studies at the Petah­ Tikva conservatory. He then continued his education at the Jerusalem Academy of Music. While studying in Jerusalem he was also the first Horn member of the conservatory orchestra, conducted by Micheal Delman, and he attended competitions and festivals around Israel and the world and Israel with it.

During the last 4 years of study at the conservatory, his teacher was Yuri Gorlin. In 2015 he became an “excellent musician” in the IDF.

Several years ago Dor chose to be part of the Israel National Orchestra, where he led the horn section. In 2014 he transferred to the young philharmonic, where he was also chosen to be a horn section leader.

Dor has won 5 AICF scholarships, most of them with honors.

Dor Yadlin

French Horn

Petach Tikva, Israel
Grant Recipient