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About Doron Wolf

Doron Wolf was born in 1976, Nahalal, Israel. He currently lives and works in Hamden CT USA. He received his B.E.D from Oranim College Art Institute in 2009, and his M.F.A from Haifa University in 2012. He holds a faculty position in Zefat academic college and a lecturer position at Oranim College.

Wolf’s primary medium of work is oil on canvas. He works in a figurative-realistic style that ranges between realism and conceptualism. His work refers to classic themes such as still life (vanitas), portraits, and domestic interior scenes with a contemporary perspective on light and his personal life.

In his work, he is inspired by snapshot photos, captured or downloaded, to create the painting. In the creation process, he devotes himself to the realistic representation and uses it to build a rich visual atmosphere while emphasizing it is mediated. Likewise, he blends attributes and quotations of art history images with everyday scenes and explores the relationship between painting and photography. As part of his work, he investigates the role of an image in our current world, which is loaded with visual contexts and stimulations.

Wolf has exhibited in numerous museums and galleries in Israel and abroad. His work is found in privet collections.

Doron Wolf

Visual Arts
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Hamden, Connecticut, United States